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NewTubers: La Primera Pequeña Comunidad YouTuber

¿Eres un creador de videos de YouTube o Twitch Streamer? NewTubers es la comunidad Premiere "Small Content Creator", creada para permitir que los nuevos canales mejoren con recursos, críticas y cooperación entre decenas de miles de colegas. ¡Te enseñamos cómo comenzar, construir y mantener tu carrera de contenido!

Franchise Draft

Question of the day: Who would you start an MLB franchise with? An exercise in couch GM-ing for enthusiastic fans of America's game.

Mauril Bélanger's bid to revise O Canada to get 2nd hour of debate May 30 - Politics

Mauril Bélanger's bid to revise O Canada to get 2nd hour of debate May 30 - Politics submitted by Model_Omega to CanadaPolitics [link] [comments]

[O Levels] Virtual lab for Chemistry practical revision

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new term! As practical exams are looming, the team at Chem Not Cheem has created a virtual lab programme for you to familiarise yourself with the tests for gases in QA:
We made the virtual lab like a FPS game: first-person view, with choices to make and alternative progressions.
Feel free to give us your 'game' review here, as we want to improve on it and make more virtual lab programmes like this. If you need further advice on practical revision, please also ask here :)
We hope this could help you to reduce your exam anxiety. Seeing the numerous posts on burnouts and exam stress, I am ashamed that this is the only thing my team can offer to help you.
Take care and all the very best!
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[O levels] Revising for pure literature

Yo guys anybody here studying for off centre and code name verity for literature? Because if you all are would you all mind sharing some notes with a failing literature student? I scored F9 for my prelims and I’m only seeking to pass. Plus my literature teacher sucks too so they aren’t gonna be of much assistance? Anybody can lend me some a
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[O Levels] What are some revision tips ?

Hi everyone! this is just a temporary account, basically i’m quite anxious now especially when O’s is in less than 20 days! I’m mainly unsure of how much i should be studying cause like i’m afraid i’m under-studying cause i’m only studying about 5-6 hrs a day :/ Also does any one have any advise for POA/SCI/EL? thank you!! here are my current grades (alongside target scores), Also aiming for a L1R4 of 13 from 20.
• EL B4 (Aiming for A2) • MT B3 • Combined Chem and phy C6 (Aiming for B4) • Emath E8 - all along i’ve been getting B4 ish (Aiming for B3) • combined hist and SS A2 (Aiming for A1) • POA - was quite a good improvement from F9 , C6 (Aiming for B4) • Art C5 (Aiming for B4)
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[O Levels] Confused by method to revise for English Paper 2

Hi, so my english paper 2 has always been consistently sub-optimal, with an average mark of around 27/50. No matter what, my eng teacher is always able to find something wrong in my answer (not specific enough, wrong vocab, not enough depth) and my summary rarely ever exceeds 10 marks. I've heard that spamming the english tys is a good way to understand how to answer the question, but I have already memorised the format of all the different question types (unusual, effective, in your own words...) and my eng teacher has personally told me that the eng tys answers are unreliable. So is there really an actual effective way to get good grades for paper 2?
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NASCAR revised some COVID-19 protocols. 10 days after positive test, if driver is fever free, potentially could return w/o needing 2 negative tests over more than 24 hrs. NASCAR says based on July 22 CDC guidance. Those exposed to COVID+ person are cleared after 1 negative test

NASCAR revised some COVID-19 protocols. 10 days after positive test, if driver is fever free, potentially could return w/o needing 2 negative tests over more than 24 hrs. NASCAR says based on July 22 CDC guidance. Those exposed to COVID+ person are cleared after 1 negative test submitted by billgatenguyen to NASCAR [link] [comments]

I got all Outstanding's on my O.W.L.'s! (a.k.a. I actually paid attention to everything they said in the revision parties)

I got all Outstanding's on my O.W.L.'s! (a.k.a. I actually paid attention to everything they said in the revision parties) submitted by morganmeow to HPHogwartsMystery [link] [comments]


hiiii ok so my bio paper 2 eoys is on next thursday and i have absolutely no time to study it from now till the day before the paper. i’m sec 4 and this is my promo exam to jc so THIS IS RLLY IMPT and i need to do decently. my bio is honestly average. a straight B student by memorising everything the day before BUT I REALISED that unlike my previous tests where only some topics were tested, MY EOYS WILL BE TESTING EVERYTHING FROM SEC 3 TO 4 so crap. i cant possibly memorise everything the day before. and it’s also only paper 2. pls give me some tips and topics to focus on esp since it’s JUST paper 2 :(( also cause i don’t have any passion for this subject, memory work is especially annoying. i hate bio. also if y’all have cheat sheets for bio pls send them my way i’ll be eternally grateful :”)
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[A Levels] [O Levels] JC2s/Sec 4s, how much revision have you done so far?

Revision as in prelim papers, tys, assessment books anything really.
I take PCM/e and so far I've done 3 schools worth of prelim papers for each H2 subject. Haven't touch on prelim papers for H1 Econs yet nor have I really revised for GP.
I'm really worried I'm going to flunk As real bad - I'm aiming for >80 and my grades right now are like (as of the latest blocks) SUU/E and I've been mugging semi hard (5hrs min per day) but some how I'm pretty sure I'm gonna flunk prelims again 🙃.
This is really a sort of motivation (?) post to get my gears running and to hammer it down that As is in around a month!
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[O Levels] Music Revision. Hints for Paper 1 Question 3

Jazz questions back in 2005 used to be so simple: No Music Score; Identify the instrument playing in the extract, tick the box indicating that it is jazz, ramble a bit about syncopation and harmony and you get the full five marks.
This year is the first time that Jazz music is tested with a score (though not the full score). Questions are a lot more complicated, so let's just take the opportunity to practice together!
The attached image contains an extract. Is it Trad Jazz, Swing, Bebop or Cool? Type your comments below and I will help you craft your answers better!
for those of you who cannot hear the extract, go to Open Quiz 1 to hear it better
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[USA-NE] [H] WWF No Mercy USA-1 revision cart n64 [W] cubivore or ninja five o CIB
Looking to trade my loose copy of the revision cartridge Nintendo 64 game WWF No Mercy USA-1 for a good condition cubivore or ninja five o CIB.
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[O Levels] Music. FREE revision seminar!

[O Levels] Music. FREE revision seminar!
You think studying hard and revising everything you have learnt in class will help you do well for O'level Music
But really, the questions test listening skills, and how you apply your content these skills....
Hence this Free seminar is designed to enable you to revise effectively, maximising the limited amount of time you can spend for Music revision, and showing you an effective way of answering questions
Check this out here and register before the limited places are filled! You can also pm if interested.
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[O Levels] Music Revision. Hints for Paper 1 Question 2.

[O Levels] Music Revision. Hints for Paper 1 Question 2.
Posting this because I see many people having problems with the listening paper. Do read till end of the post as I will enclose examples:
How do we look at the score and differentiate between Classical and Romantic orchestras? Other than the size, we can look at the function of the Wind instruments. For Classical/early romantic, the function is mainly harmonic (i.e. Wind instruments used as a block to play chords):
Ex 1.

Look here, the winds just reinforce the harmony
However, in Romantic symphonic works, the function of wind instruments is Textural. They may take up the melody, double the melody, form a countermelody or play important accompaniment figurations:
Ex 2.

See how the winds take the melody over the pizzicato strings here
Hence with this in mind, tell me which period is the following extract is from:

What period is this from?
If you have read this far, you might as well participate in this quiz. Leave your answer as a comment, and do write a reason on how you came out with your answer, I will comment on your answer.
For those of you who are interested in the latest revision tips, follow me on Reddit as I intend to put revision tips regularly as the o'levels draw closer.
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Getting jaw surgery in combo with braces, had a rhinoplasty (1y/o) im not happy with and want revision. How to approach this?

So to get right into it i had a rhinoplasty a bit over a year ago and it didnt turn out statisfactory so i am thinking about a revision in the future. The other thing is that for the next ~3 years im going to have braces + surgery to fix my underbite. I just dont know how to best plan and approach effectivly to get the best result possible? Do i need to tell my surgereon who's doing my jaw about my revision plans?
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I made a mistake. Cars doesn't save cheat codes (including "R4MONE"), so I'm now uploading paint jobs 4-12 from Cars: The Game (2006) and re-uploading an improved, revised edition of design 16 from Cars: Race-O-Rama (2009). I would love feedback and requests.

I made a mistake. Cars doesn't save cheat codes (including submitted by Raphaeldagamer to ForzaHorizon [link] [comments]

[O level] is it too late to start revision now?

hello guys, im a sec 4 student taking o levels this year. HBL legit screwed me up, like im do not have any motivation for now... my sub combi is triple science elect geog. my results this year is slightly better than my last year eoy, last year my L1R5 was like 20 then before hbl started, my l1r5 in term 1 was 18, this is partly due to my humans and language. both my EL n HCL was both C5 and my human was C6 (partly due to social studies because the test in term 1 was sbq part e qn and i didnt use PEOS and end up failing ss). i really hope to get l1r5 of below 10 because i know its quite hard to improve languages and humans. however, im aiming for distinction for both el n elec geog+ss. can yall give me some tips to improve my language thanks. Btw do yall think i have sufficient time to revise for Os (to improve from l1r5 of 18 to single digit) since i didnt really study much during HBL. any help will be appreciated lol.
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[O Levels] Need help for olvl revision

O levels coming really soon but if you know me, I really suck at revising + I don't divide my time well between all my subjects. I particularly need help with Pure Lit and A-Math.
I've been getting steady B4's for P Lit and it's really draining me cuz I took this subject thinking I would be fine at it... Latest essay practice scored barely C6 and Im worried. My book is Macbeth and idk why I can't describe or comprehend the text well like my other friends I even bought a translation book to understand it better but it doesn't help that much. Similarly for unseen poem, I just write whatever comes to mind and idk how to interpret a poem in a different pov like what a specific evidence symbolises/ signifies. Idk how even my friends could come up with "Oh, this poem is about sexual harassment" when the poem was just about a dad eating breakfast with her daughter?? And my teacher said it's correct I was so confused. I can't explain literary devices well either.
For A-math, god I hate amath.. I jst can't seem to grasp answering qns and a recent test i did there was this practical application qn for integration that made me want to cry alr. I do take tuition and I think even tho it helps having an external teacher explaining qns in depth, I jst can't seem to be consistent and rmb it. I've seen others here with amath trouble too and being told to do tys but I can't even do tys I'll just end up looking at answer key to understand what the qn wants... Esp now since Amath just loves to combine and mash different topics into one qn (intgn+log, surds etc) ur expected to know every topic fully.
What should I do to improve on these two subjects? Anything extra I should look out for or put to practice? Thank you in advance. I'll only read thru comments if have further qns then I'll reply:D
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[O LEVEL] Is it too late to start revising?

Hi! So basically this year I will be taking my Os. And I am a sec 5 student who was not motivated to study over the hbl period. I somehow only studied at most 1 hour a day during hbl period. It was rlly confusing for me as Idk who to seek for help. And I decided to start mugging from tmr onwards. I would like to know whether isit too late to start??? Or any seniors who took Os, did u guys started revising ard this month as well? Im currently taking EL, Emath, comb sci(Chem,Bio) POA and SS+Geog. I rlly hope anyone could advise me or reply me Thankss
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[O Levels] Starting with Olevel Revision

Hello, i'm a sec 3 this year, seeing all the olevel stress, i decided to start revision for olevels now. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i should start with? Right now, i should be done with making all my notes in a week’s time. It is better for me to start with other school’s prelim papers first or should i finish my topical tys first or anything else, since in sec 3 havent cover finish all the topics yet… Also are there any advices on how to plan my time well, if say my i havent really tried doing any testpapers this year other than em and am? My subject combi is pure chem/ phy, pure geog, elect hist/ss. Would really appreciate any help! Thanks !
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[O'Connor] Let me revise: Matisse Thybulle is immediately gonna be one of the league's best defenders.

[O'Connor] Let me revise: Matisse Thybulle is immediately gonna be one of the league's best defenders. submitted by LebenJammons to sixers [link] [comments]

[o levels]Anyone know when is the best time to start Revision to retain revised material the best?

As in May is alr here so there aren't many months to O levels, and have started to catch up on subjects I'm weaker at. Just wanted to know when would be the perfect time to revise so as to retain info for O's and not forget everything during exams
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[O Levels] Is it too late to start revising for Chinese O Levels which is exactly one month away?

I used to be pretty stable at Chinese in Secondary 1 and 2 (A1s and A2s) but ever since I entered Secondary 3, I have dramatically plunged to the C range. I guess it’s due to the more complex range of vocabularies + the need for details in composition (which I’m not proficient at since I can’t express my thoughts in Chinese).
I’m currently Secondary 4 this year and I’ll be taking my O Level Chinese Papers 1 and 2 exactly next month (18 June). I even failed my WA1 (D7) this year, which made me lose some confidence in Chinese (despite studying a long list of accumulated 词语s and 搭配s the night before) and for the following months I lost all the motivation to study for Chinese since I believed that no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t pass. I even feel like a try-hard, that type of person that most people my age show disdain for. I sometimes loathe myself for flexing my Chinese in front of people despite it being broken as I wanted to improve on the language and heighten my interest in the subject.
Fast forward, it’s 15 May right now and I’m trying to come to terms with myself. I really want to pick up myself again and hopefully get at least an A2 so that I would not have to retake again. Is it too late to revise now if I want an A2 for Chinese?
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REVISE THE LOVING MOTHER - YouTube HOW TO REVISE: Music  GCSE & A Level - YouTube How To Revise For Exams - 7 Study Tips Supported By ... Revise - Unknown Romances (spandex abuse! remix) - YouTube Revise Music - YouTube

Revise definition, to amend or alter: to revise one's opinion. See more. The new way to revise. ReviseOnline will revolutionise how you prepare for tests and exams. No more outdated revision manuals that clog up your desk, weigh down your bag and don’t give personalised feedback. It’s all here, in one easy to use program that generates timed topic tests and practice exams, with the click of a button. Track your ... general provisions title [1] i state government title [3] iii counties title [5] v townships title [7] vii municipal corporations title [9] ix agriculture - animals - fences Conjuga todos los verbos en inglés en todos los tiempos de gratis en SpanishDict, el sitio web de referencia y diccionario inglés-español más grande en el mundo. Definición de revisé en el Diccionario de español en línea. Significado de revisé diccionario. traducir revisé significado revisé traducción de revisé Sinónimos de revisé, antónimos de revisé. Información sobre revisé en el Diccionario y Enciclopedia En Línea Gratuito. 1 . v. tr. Examinar una cosa para comprobar si está correcta o completa revisa el trabajo antes de entregarlo ...

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Here are some of my unusual ways to revise and pass a test with an A or A+! How to do well in your GCSE's or SATs So sorry about the bad quality, my camera l... Subscribe to the channel for more exam help: The Exam Coach Story: -- Created using Powtoon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free ... Hello children and parents, Today we are going to revise 'O' pattern. For the introduction video please click on the link given below. Song "Unknown Romances" by Revise, set to highlights from the 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics Championship. Features inhuman dance moves, spandex abuse, and many...